Deterring Pest Birds like Geese from Commercial Property

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If you manage a golf course, corporate lawn, private park or commercial greenbelt, large bird pests like geese can pose quite a problem. In addition to their noise and aggressive behavior (they have been known to attack passersby), they can create a huge mess in droppings. Unless these droppings are promptly cleaned up, they can permeate an entire area with a very unpleasant odor. If you’ve ever had a run in with geese, you know that they can trample and destroy flowerbeds and other delicate plants. Geese droppings also carry disease. They can contaminate ponds and other decorative water features on your property.

Pest Birds Create Huge Mess in Residential Neighborhood

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Thousands of European Starlings have been invading a Johnson City, TN neighborhood for many years, and the homeowners on East Holston Avenue have had it with the noise and the mess. Bird droppings rain down incessantly on cars, homes and sidewalks, which is not only unsightly but a health concern. In the winter, these bird pests travel in flocks and invade cities to get warm.

How to Keep Geese from Destroying Your Backyard

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If your garden, pool or spa area is being invaded by pest geese, you’re going to have a busy spring and summer—cleaning and chasing these pest birds. If you haven’t already discovered, geese are big, aggressive and noisy. And they pretty much go where they feel like it, trampling your flower garden and pooping in your pool, spa or decorative water feature. Goose droppings can cause bacterial and algae problems. And they can carry a number of diseases, including swimmer’s itch, histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis and giardia.

How to Humanely Get Rid of Pest Birds


The pigeons are coming. So are blackbirds, starlings, house sparrows and crows. They’ll be invading your property en masse as bird season approaches. Will you be ready to get rid of birds when they arrive?

Prepare now or risk having your home invaded by birds.  Your cars will be spotted with bird droppings. So will your windowsills and patio furniture. Larger pest birds will tear apart your roofing shingles, causing leaks.  Smaller birds will build nests in your rain gutters, causing water to back up under your roofing tiles and, once again, you’ll have a leaking roof. Birds large and small will contaminate your pool and spa, so you’ll have to drain and clean them—not a pleasant thought.

How to Keep Birds Away from Eaves, Canopies and Awnings


As a homeowner, you know the problems pest birds can create when they’re allowed to roost and nest in eaves, canopies, awnings and other covered areas around your home. The beams of your patio cover, gazebo  and other elevated backyard structures offer an ideal sanctuary for birds. These areas protect them from weather and predators. Unfortunately, when  birds gather there, they create quite a mess down below—on your patio table, chairs, BBQ, walkways, spa, pool and thru-window serving bars. Kids toys can also become covered with disease carrying bird droppings.